Belvedere Farm

Cedarton, QLD

Producing delicious, ethical food on a grass-based, chemical free, community focused farm on unceded Jinibara land in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland


We’re Nick & Brydie Holliday – we look after the place.

Brydie is a full-time farmer, an artist, a platter enthusiast and a displaced big-city metalhead.

Nick’s a trouble-maker, a writer and a third-generation farmer. He hopes to be the first in his family to pass the family farm on to the next generation.

We’re so pleased to be able to walk on country every day of our lives, nourishing the community we’ve built around us – this is our life’s work.

The name “Belvedere” was gifted to us by Nick’s grandmother. The word refers to a building that captures a beautiful view – and we definitely have that. It was also the house in Kangaroo Point where Nick’s grandparents lived before the second world war.


We farm on stolen land. The Jinibara people never ceded their sovereignty to colonisers. This is always in the front of our minds as we care for our piece of the valley.

We take our custodianship of the land seriously. Our aim is to practice agroecology – producing food while maintaining a thriving ecosystem.

The key is management – planning our grazing cycles, building soil organic matter, slowing and spreading water flow across the landscape.

Our animals are part of this process – cattle eating and trampling grass, chickens following them to clean up bugs and fertilising the grass, pigs disturbing the soil in marginal areas to promote new growth.

It’s really quite special.


Grass-Fed Beef

Born, raised and finished on our lush grass and legume pastures, our herd of Angus and Hereford cattle live a quiet, natural life.

It produces the most tender, flavourful beef you could imagine.

Free-Range Pork

Our heritage-breed pigs live outdoors every single day of their lives. Grass under their trotters, their snouts in the dirt and the sun on their backs.

Our pork doesn’t just taste delicious – eating it makes you a better person.

Pastured Eggs

Our chickens are moved to fresh pasture every single week, following the cow herd – just like birds follow migrating herds in nature.

Pastured eggs are next level – richly flavoured and packed with nutrients.


The question on everyone’s lips… How do I get this delicious produce from the internet into my kitchen and then my tummy?

On Farm

Probably our favourite way to feed you. We sell beef twice a year, pork four times a year and eggs whenever you want them. To get notifications of when our next orders go out, smash the “contact” button and send us your email address.

Reko Moreton Bay

Reko is a Scandanavian term for “the future of getting stuff from farmers in a way where nobody has to get up at 3am to set up a farmers market stall”. Or something like that.

We were part of Australia’s first ever Reko, in Dayboro – they’re now popping up all over the place. Check it out.


We’re having all sorts of juicy conversations at the moment. If you’re a cafe, a brewery, a fruit & veg shop, an anarchist food-not-bombs collective… Contact us!